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"the biosphere is made up of parts of earth where life exists. the biosphere extends from the deepest root systems of trees, to the dark environment of ocean trenches, to lush rainforests and high mountaintops"


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The Toronto Ink Company was founded by designer and artist Jason Logan as an experiment to make eco-friendly ink from street-harvested pigments. Readers will learn how to forage for materials such as soot, rust, cigarette butts, peach pits, and black walnut, then how to mix, test, and transform these ingredients into rich, vibrant inks that are sensitive to both place and environment. Make Ink combines science, art, and craft to instill the basics of ink making and demonstrate the beauty and necessity of engaging with one of mankind’s oldest tools of communication. - Make Ink: A Forager’s Guide to Natural Inkmaking - £21.99 hardcover from


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